Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Meeting The Royal Photographic Society!


I feel like I've barely stopped since my last shoot! October has ZOOOOOOMED past and now the countdown to Christmas has begun. Eeeek! England has finally decided it's no longer Summer and I've found myself bizarrely welcoming the cold weather (although my joints definitely disagree!).

Mark and I met last Saturday in South Kensington - one of our favourite London locations to shoot and immediately got into the Christmas spirit filming a video about festive shop fronts and wintery city photography. I was naturally a big fan of the shoot - not just because I got to be excited about Christmas, but also because I got to wrap up in a coat and scarf! I'm a huge fan of all things twinkly and especially matching red and white displays so was all over this beautiful one at The Conran Shop...
Beautiful festive delights at the Conran Shop
Wrapped up warm and snug!

Having got thoroughly excited about how absurdly close to Christmas it's suddenly got (and of course telling some utterly appalling jokes) we hopped off to meet Michael Pritchard, the Director General of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS). At this point I was INCREDIBLY nervous - not only have I never done an interview on photography, I was also about to be faced with someone who is ridiculously knowledgeable on the subject. Michael however, is utterly divine and made me feel very at ease with the whole thing (and even like I knew a thing or two!)

We started the afternoon talking about all the wonderful things the RPS has to offer. I'd been geeking up on the history of the society but learnt so much about the international work they are doing with both professional and amateur photographers. Being an avid iphone user, I was also really interested to speak to Michael about his views on iphone photography and how creative people have been with new technology!

If you aren't already aware of the RPS I urge you to go and take a look at all the wonderful things they are doing: !!

After learning ALL the things about photography, we went on to talk about Michael's new book - A History of Photography in 50 Cameras. I only managed to have a brief look through on Saturday but it's already got me super excited to give it a more thorough read. Learning about the history of photography through cameras seems thoroughly apt as the changing technologies have effected not only the images produced but also who can take them.

To hear Michael talking about the RPS and his new book check out the video on Saturday!

Big photography love!