Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Saturday Southbank

Hello everyone!

How did February happen? I feel like January whizzed by quicker than a cheetah on speed. If you've been following UK news, this month has started somewhat dramatically with the abysmal weather in the South West and the beginning of the London tube strikes. I'm in an incredibly blessed position in that I can walk to work from my flat, however my heart goes out to everyone having to brave the travel situation today! Although I am in no position whatsoever to expound forth with journey woes, my walk back today was very chilly and blustery indeed (I don't do well with cold as you will see...) and therefore I'm super glad to be back in my nest with a glass of pinot, new candles and dinner in my belly. Yummo!

Speaking of cold and blustery, last Saturday Mark and I embarked on a rather chilly outdoor shoot along the Southbank. I left the nest wrapped up warm and travelled to meet Mark bright and early at Embankment station.

One thing that Mark has had to deal with on a regular basis over the years we've been working together is my absolute inability to deal with any sort of cold weather. I feel the cold incredibly badly, all the colour drains from my skin and I generally turn into a shivering, blubbering mess. Poor Mark should be given a knighthood for dealing with my super cold whinges and working with the short space of time we have every time we step outside to take some shots before I turn blue! One thing to bear in mind, that Mark does exceptionally well, is to plan in time for lots of tea breaks if you're outdoor in the cold because it truly does make all the difference! Below you'll see my very forlorn face on one of these breaks where Mark managed to get the shot we needed just in time before I had a minor break down and desperately ran to the nearest warm place.

We walked along various areas of the Southbank, climbing down to the quieter bay by the river as the tide was out and making full use of all the beautiful London city scapes and wonderfully atmospheric industrial backgrounds which the area has to offer. We truly were blessed with an utterly beautiful day and wonderful light which made working all the easier. Although it doesn't always bear fruitful, as anyone who's worked with UK weather will know, it is worth keeping an eye on the weather forecast as it will give you at least some idea of what you'll be dealing with and plan indoor as well as outdoor locations should the heavens open. We had a truly inspiring, bright, clear winters day (the kind that are my favourite if I'm in a MILLION layers) and I think it really shows in the quality of the shots we were able to take.

The Southbank truly is a wonderfully versatile location to shoot as it gives so many differing outdoor settings within a short walk, so is perfect for more speedy shoots before the crowds descend. Below are a few of the raw pictures from the shoot and I hope you'll all feel just as inspired by the location as Mark and I were!

I hope you've enjoyed getting a sneak peek at some of our work last weekend! Do let me know as well whether you would like me to blog my general musings or to keep purely photography related - I do so enjoy being able to connect with you all!