Sunday, 19 October 2014

Return of the Blog

I'm back!

After an absurdly long hiatus I've finally returned to my blog and super excited to share this morning's shoot with you! As some of you who follow my youtube channel may know, I took a brief break for holiday over the Summer and it's been so much fun getting back into the swing of things after some much needed time off.

England has finally decided that it's about time to change to Autumn. Although I feel the cold MASSIVELY (I'm a complete pain on chilly shoots!), I do love the colder months when I can get wrapped up and drink mulled wine with a hot water bottle and fluffy jumpers! For me there's nothing quite like the look of winter and the smell of a crisp, cold morning.

Mark and I met in the AM outside a local church where I play organ twice a month. We whizzed off to a beautiful estate where we'd kindly been allowed to shoot and started to get prepped. Mark is always super fabulous at being totally prepared so fills me in on the way about everything we'll be doing to maximise time spent shooting on the shoot.

Made up and ready to go!

I, as usual, was feeling very chilly and the wonderful Mark had packed me lots of wooly jumpers to keep me warm whilst waiting in between photos and filming...

Today we started off with our biggest video - another lens comparison which I'm v excited to share with you all! We chose a few strong locations and poses and shot each with both lenses to create a direct comparison between the two. Shooting around the estate was absolutely wonderful as there were so many fabulously beautiful locations to create lots of different atmospheric looks.

Not only did the estate have beautiful landscape but it had... ALPACAS! As some of you who follow me on twitter may know, my favourite animal on the planet is the llama. Spotted at one end of the field was a pen with three adorable alpacas and I quickly became too desperately excited to deal with ANYTHING (Mark was incredibly patient...)

Once I'd got over all the alpaca related excitement we went on to film a few more videos which you'll be seeing up on the channel soon! After getting very muddy finding the perfect location for some portraits we trundled back to the car to put the heating on and to my reward - a mint aero! Yummy!

I'm now safely back in London and snuggled up with a mug of lemon squash, lots of fluffy blankets and looking forward to a really exciting week ahead! 

I hope you all have a wonderful one too!

Im x